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Dogwood Winter

The warmth of summer days reluctantly
approaches the Appalachian fields with
foehn gales. April quickly becomes awful
with its budding florescence among the
half-awake fauna. The dogwood alone
stands fully bloomed ahead of all the
perennials. The sod prepares to induce
the seeds of the new season’s unspoiled crop.
But a cold snap curls up at the tip of
Spring’s tongue. The Linsey-Woolsey britches are
already tucked away in the attic
and so the folk have to endure the left-
over frost from the last season’s blasting
snow, until the crisp summer air returns.

So Long, Lonesome

7:01 a.m.

The veil of darkness is lifted
as a flare ascends into the heavens
and the horizon bursts at the seams.

The crescent fades into the blaze
of a new day and it whispers in my ear
“so long, lonesome.”

The sky becomes cloyed with the remnants
of explosions in the sky. The spectacle concludes
and the sun reaches its rich and ripened state.

It’s moments like these where
the silence drowns out the noise,
and I can feel rather than think.

[A black wet blessing…]

A black wet blessing descended upon the day
With eddying waves of crisp, tainted air
Spawning statuettes made out of clay.

The sun crept up until its long bright rays
Penetrated the voluminous clouds in midair;
A black wet blessing descended upon the day.

The silent bodies slowly advanced towards decay;
Their city and their homes began to err,
Spawning statuettes made out of clay.

The spectacle was seen by far-off distant bays
But no one was able or dared to declare
A black wet blessing descended upon the day

There upon the ashen floor I lay
In soot and dust I was covered;
A spawned statuette made out of clay.

There I was found among the ruins of Pompeii,
There among my family I laid in despair.
A black wet blessing descended upon the day,
Spawning statuettes made out of clay.

Untitled (After the Great Gatsby)

Momentously immaculate,
the toilet set of pure dull gold
and the two hulking patent cabinets
garnished a bare, simple room;
the simplest room of all-
his bedroom.